Revisiting The Tropezia Palace Casino - What Players Need To Know!

When landing on the home page of The Tropezia Palace casino when first visited almost a year ago, it did not exactly get the pulse racing to be truthful, however lets be frank, one should never judge a book by it's cover, one always needs to dig a little deeper, always.

One thing that was picked up on the second time round that did seem to validate what was a first class customer service, strangely were some pictures on their "Who Are We" page. Rather than some self-serving hype excessively tooting their own horn and perhaps showing some rather grand pictures of the owners, on display were some very natural behind the scenes shots in their offices. Not of smiling employees for the cameras, but regular office scenes of guys going about their daily work, completely oblivious of the camera's eye.

Next to those office pictures where players are invited to "Contact Us" should they need any help, rather than some smiling glamorous young thing displaying her pearly whites donning a head set amazingly was a regular young guy wearing a shirt and a sweater. With his fair skin he does actually look as if he could be Dutch. Using an actual employee to impress that with the Tropezia Palace Casino, could one can actually expect to deal with real people?

So what do they offer, what are the facts? Well their casino games will include some gaming developers one may not have heard of before. Their table games are everything one would expect from a top establishment and their slot games are not just provided by top gaming developers Microgaming, Net Entertainment, Betsoft, and Betonsoft but also other equally good lesser known developers such as Sheriff Gaming, Nyx Interactive and Leander Games.

Honesty and integrity is a hallmark of their business with a Random Number Generator used in conjunction with MDS and GNA who have been widely proven to deliver ongoing consistent random results and confirming average house payouts of 98.43% one of the highest available anywhere.

By now hopefully anyone reading this review on the Tropezia Palace Casino will realize that if they are looking for a first class online casino experience they need look no further. As with all casinos there are going to be all manner of inducements to attract the wandering eyes of gamers, ultimately it is down to how well the online operation performs once one has already signed up and funded there account.

This may be one of the big stand out features of this particular establishment and yet one that often gets overlooked aside from the security of one's funds. As with anything one has to experience the difference first hand and see how it resonates with the individual. Without a doubt one will surely agree, there is more than initially meets the eye and the second thing is it is all good. Perhaps it is time to pay them a 1st or 2nd visit too?